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For the support of business – for the benefit of economics


Development of business connections between Russia and Germany


2020 – is the year of business in Russia


Building of the industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe II» in Kursk

The Russian market was and remains the market whose development trend is moving to the medium-sized business. The wide range of laws, passed recently in Russia by the Government of Russian Federation, is the basis for the mutual, economic exchange of goods and services, and also for realization of joint German-Russian projects.

The Russian regions provide many-sided possibilities for business development and also for the foreign companies. Here you will find the incredible growth potential with regard to economic cooperation between Russian and German companies. At the same time the business activity and cooperation of German and Russian markets require the accurate planning, preparation and control.

«Centre of economical cooperation and development» was founded for the purpose to arrange the business contacts between the companies from Russia and Germany. It has available the actual data base of potential projects both for the German business in Russia and for the Russian business in Germany. Further the «Centre of economical cooperation and development» acts as the adviser and curator for execution of particular German-Russian project by providing all possible support at all stages of project realization.


Preparation and sale of the areas

Preparation and sale of the areas to investors for the purpose to place new industrial facilities on the territory of future industrial park «Schwarze…

Support of the joint projects

Support of the joint projects at all stages of preparation, concluding and execution of the contract When all details of the project are discussed and…

Meetings of German and Russian

Meetings of German and Russian companies in Russia or in Germany After presentation of the companies to each other, discussion of all points via business…

Search of attractive business projects

For searching of the prospective German-Russian projects the «Centre of economical cooperation and development» does the extensive, complex works by…

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