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Industrial parks


Industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe» is one of the largest industrial territories in Germany. It is located in the south part of Spremberg, and includes the old industrial facilities Spreewitz in the neighbor Free State of Saxony. The area of industrial park is 850 ha, 98 ha of which are free industrial-commercial areas. The enterprises from chemical industry, energetic, production and reprocessing of paper, production of technical gases, production of silicon, logistics, enterprises providing of technical and commercial services are located in this industrial park. At the moment in industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe» there are 120 enterprises and 4,500 employees.

Building of the similar industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe II» on the territory of Kursk region will serve as the sharing of experience between Russian and German specialists, organize the production of high quality and competitive products, and also will assist in the extension of the partnership relations with leading enterprises from Kursk region and other regions of Russia. One of the advantages of such cooperation will be the fact of planned trainings of students from Kursk universities in industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe» in Germany. It will give the possibility to Russian students to acquire profession corresponding world standards.

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