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Tasks for the providing of the cooperation between the companies from Russia and Germany:

  • Analysis of production capacities in regions Brandenburg and Saxony Lausitz, Kursk region and other regions of Russia, detection of most prospective areas of cooperation;
  • Goal-directed selection of the companies, manufacturing entities and complexes for the purpose of exchange of services and products between the German and Russian companies;
  • Preparation and realization of the joint projects with participation and under the guidance of «Centre of economical cooperation and development»;
  • Creating of cooperation exchange of Russian companies, who are ready for cooperation and are located in Kursk region and other regions of Russia;
  • Individual visits of German companies to Russian enterprises;
  • Creating of network structures for the purpose to use them for the establishment of the connections between the German and Russian companies;
  • Meetings with the representatives of Russian network structures;
  • Establishment of the connections with the parties to decision making in the economic, administrative and political branches, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, industry associations;
  • Joint development of production lines working in several countries;
  • Support to the companies by the providing the contact information of the specialists in order to receive the legal assistance, purchase of plots of land and also definition of contracts’ content and forms;
  • Assistance to paper work at all stages of preparation, concluding and support of the contracts.


Tasks for the preparation to the launch of industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe II» in Kursk:

  • Support in cooperation of Russian and German parties for the purpose to establish on the territory of Kursk region the industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe II» with participation of Russian and German enterprises;
  • Participation and planning-design-construction of infrastructure of the future industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe II» in Kursk (water supply and sewerage, technical and transport structures, facilities of engineering support and treatment facilities).
  • Selection of already existing companies and capacities in the scope of research and development of industry, agriculture and other branches of economics, which can be involved as the potential partners for the companies which will be located on the territory of the future industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe II» in Kursk;
  • Arrangement of conditions for cooperation between the companies represented in the industrial park;
  • Preparation and sale of the areas to investors for the purpose to place new industrial facilities on the territory of industrial park;
  • Assistance to find the partners in industrial park «Schwarze Pumpe» and in the region Spremberg/Spreetal in Germany;
  • Creating of long-term work places;
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